Clearer Photo Of Mysterious Unidentified Flying Object Taken In Kansas – Gizmodo

A triangular craft that was first photographed over Texas has now been captured through the lens of photographer Jeff Templin in Wichita, Kansas, and what we see is clearly a triangular craft, which he says was absolutely silent. Most likely this is a new secret stealth aircraft being tested by the US military, but it will take a lot more than that to explain The Valensole Incident, or a Fighter Pilot’’s Amazing Alien Craft Encounters. Those old cases continue to fascinate: Rich Reynolds has Some interesting asides from the 1952 Sonny Desvergers UFO account, which most people have dismissed as a hoax. Not so for the case known as Levelland and the Electro-magnetic Effects the objects produced on cars, which leads Kevin Randle to issue a note to future UFO investigators.

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