Spoof Or Truth? Woman Whose Aunt and Uncle were 'Abducted by Aliens' in the 60's Claims to have PROOF of their Ordeal – …

Kathleen Marden’s attendance at a conference in West Yorkshire, England, furnished the opportunity for Lauren Windle’s article on the Betty and Barney Hill sighting. It’s a little unfortunate that this story was used as a vehicle for links to some rather goofy, unrelated material, but at least the Hills’ experience is recounted fairly and Kathleen’s sensible points are noted. In Special Cases–The Long Island File (55): Frank Davis is in Trouble John Keel’s friend and intermediary with the aliens Jaye Paro is off to California, but not before she imparts more confusion and concern to John. It would seem that the apparent “kidnapping” of a man watching her restaurant radio broadcast should have been reported to the police; it’s probably 50 years too late for that now. Of course, there’s more goofiness, too. (WM)

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