The Strangest, And Most Significant, Weird Headlines Of 2015 – Mysterious Universe

Christmas is over, and the long week of nothing stretching to New Year’s Eve heralds nigh-daily updates of 2015’s finest content, happenings, and sightings. Leading the pack is Micah Hanks, rounding up the top links defining our weird world. While there’s no kitchen sink, he cites the enduring MH370 mystery, the Roswell Slide crapfest, among many others. Loren Coleman harmonizes with The Top Cryptozoology Stories Of 2015, defining the continuing quest for hidden animals. Should you be in the market for expanding your library’s shelf space, look no further than Loren’s list of The Best Cryptozoology Books Of 2015. We wouldn’t doubt if some of these mentions are in the running for the coveted Golden Yeti to be awarded at the International Cryptozoology Conference on January 4th, 2016. (CS)

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