UFO Sighting in Weatherford, Texas on 2018-01-29 02:50:00 – Top shaped craft with pulsating lights that seamed to slowy changed color that zigzagged then hovered with looked like a beam of smaller orbs dispersed from the bottom of craft or object.

At approximately 2:30 am on january 29, 2018 i had been watching television that i had fell asleep to in my living room. i got up to let my two dogs out in the backyard which is paralell with interstate 20 in weatherford tx, as i approached the backyard at around this time of night it is almost pitch black outside because of nearby bussiness's that turn off their lights completely to save money i'm geussing.. almost every light except for a few in every mile is off around this time including the big advertising signs that are across the street from my house so the night sky is very beautiful at this time, being able to see constellations very clearly. well right before i was going to open my sliding door to let my dogs out i had noticed two strange pulsating lights traveling towards me, because as i stared at them i was in awe and also trying to figure out if they were just airplanes or maybe choppers but then i noticed that these objects had pulsating lights that seem to have changed colors from a white to a orange then from orange to a red and from red to gold it was pulsating but strangely turning colors at a very slow rate like nothing i have seen before, so as i was in awe just watching them i saw the object to the left started to change direction in a zig zagging pattern and all of a sudden it went from being close range to the other object to almost immediately traveling a great distance to the west and descending as it traveled then it just hovered and slowley traveled west and then came to a stop and hovered at a distance while the other object was traveling toward my house as i focused my attention on the closer object it started to take shape because of how close it was getting. again i was in complete awe so i just stood there watching this object pulsate the same kind of lights as the other one and was zig zagging at slow rate till it got closer then again this object came to a complete stop and hovered about 40 degrees from my sight i could tell it completely stopped because it was on the the other side of a electrical poll in my backyard so i could tell if it was moving or not about a couple minutes of just standing there watching i started to notice almost like a faint beam come down from the bottom of the top shape object and about four or five white orbs started coming out of the bottom of this object at that point i was getting kind of freaked out because i have never seen anything like this before in my life. i was in the marine corps and had seen my fair share of aircraft,flares and explosives etc.. so as this was happening i ran in the house from my porch and got my phone to try to capture what was happening i was only gone for about a minute, but when i returned i could only see both of the bigger objects but none of the orbs that had dispersed. so before these were gone i wanted to get some pictures on my phone. unfortunately i thought my camera and video camera would have caught a decient picture or video but it just was not suffient enough to get good details or shapes just little dots in the sky if i tried to take a good photo but i will still include them below. besides the camera i actually had gone outside and was able to continue to observe these objects at a hover in the sky for the next 15 minutes or so before disappearing completely from view. after this first sighting i saw only one object within the next week or so in the same part of the sky with the same lights and shape but in different directions and altitude.



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