World's Rarest Boa Snake Seen For 1st Time In 64 Years – LiveScience

While this beauty wasn’t declared extinct, she did drop out of the running for the World Hide-And-Seek championship. If Corallus cropanii can easily take a decades-long holiday from human scrutiny, how many others are giggling at our bumblings in the bush? From Mind Weisberger’s news brief to Sam Wong’s announcement of New Species Of Bushbaby Found In Disappearing Forests Of Angola, stories like these illustrate cryptozoology in action in addition to life’s diversity and tenacity. With those tales in mind, consider Micah Hanks’s meditation upon The Curious Case Of The Sunnyslope Sasquatch. Don’t jump to conclusions, no matter how deep the snow, as appearances can be deceiving even to the most skeptical eye. Despite the flurry of “fake news” and “alternative facts”, Loren Coleman notes Russian Hominologist Michael Trachtengerts Died, commemorating his generosity to the cryptozoological community. (CS)

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